A neck roll pillow may be used while lying on the back and yes it supports the cervical spine. They provide rest from headaches and neck pain from sore muscles. Due to the model of the pillow, it’s also used like a travel pillow. At other times, it works extremely well being a back support pillow while sitting, driving etc.

Looking for cheap memory foam beds is one area any particular one must really observe carefully. For sure you don’t need to purchase the one that will simply be torn apart. You will surely find them at the very affordable price but this is simply not a guarantee that is made of high quality. One must confirm the top features of the bed to ensure the quality of the bed. There are plenty of sites that you will see cheap foam.

The foam was developed by NASA to help remedy pressure sores. Over time, it was seen that the foam had the ability to distribute weight evenly over a larger floor. This relieves areas like the back, buttocks and also the neck. After NASA, the foam was used up for commercial production by the likes of Tempur. Soon, other manufacturers started producing their particular lines from the foam, causing its wide availability within the mattress industry.

The mattress like any other polyurethane products can be combustible. There is a USA law proclaiming that all bedding as well as foam items has to be fire resistant. In addition now there is a problem based on the high amounts of fireproof utilized in memory foam could turned into a health hazard to the user.

A bit more expensive and also an excellent option is a latex foam topper. This style is very useful for people with allergies as latex is naturally hypoallergenic. It is not quite as conforming for the model of the back and neck as memory foam, but does conform and provide outstanding support. The rubber nature of latex brings about it durable and will have longevity. If one is allergic to latex this is simply not the best place. Latest information on latex beds brands is available here http://whatsthebestbed.net.